Fall Window Coverings

Fall is in full swing, and that means it’s time to bring out the sweaters, indulge in everything pumpkin themed, and get your house ready for the change in seasons. While we can’t help you decide which sweater to wear or what the best pumpkin flavored treat is, we can give some advice on how fully prepare your home for fall.

It’s Time to Layer Up

The autumn chill in the air calls for layering up and insulating your house for the cold months ahead. While the leaves blowing in the wind can be beautiful, the cool breezes and fluctuations in temperature can make it hard to figure out how many layers are needed. Figuring out how to keep your house at the right temperature is no different. We recommend using cellular shades. Adding cellular shades to a drapery set help keep in heat and give a space extra privacy during the months you want to be cozy indoors. If you want to add another layer to your window coverings, a cornice of valance can help add multiple dimensions to your set up.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are most known for their classic and beautiful designs. However, there’s more to them than just their grand appearance. Roman shades can come in many varieties, but are especially great for thick and warm fabrics. This makes them perfect window coverings as temperatures drop. They are essentially counterparts to the fabrics that make the best sweaters for fall! In the day, these drapes can be opened up to view all the leaves falling and to trap the sun during the warmer days of fall. At night, the warm fabrics can insulate and keep the warmth of the day in the home to combat the colder autumn nights.

Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades play many important roles in the fall. For one, they’re one of the best choices for creating an autumnal feeling within a home. The rustic, wooded look compliments the colors outside of the home and creates a comforting aesthetic. This is especially true for homes in forests or near other kinds of nature; wood shades can help the home blend with the natural world. On top of the lovely aesthetics of wood shades, they’re also practical. Woven woods, especially ones made with natural wood, are good ways to insulate homes when temperatures drop. They combine a practical approach to insulation with the essence of fall.

Your fall should be full of beautiful natural scenes, warm food and drinks, and spaces that reflect all of these things. Don’t forget about your window dressings when you’re trying to find ways to create a comforting home during autumn. months.