The Best Window Coverings for Summer

Summer is a time to squeeze in as much fun, vacationing, and relaxing time as possible. Still, while summertime can be one of the best seasons, it does come with its caveats.  One that is always on all of our minds during the season peak is how to stay cool. 

Luckily, the right choice in window coverings can greatly improve your comfort as the temperatures rise. In fact, with a great set of blinds, curtains, and treatments, a home’s utilities bill can take less of a hit during the months when it’s tempting to blast your air conditioning. The Department of Energy has stated that window coverings can even decrease the heat in a home by 77 percent. 

So to help you fight of the rising heat (and a rising bill), here are of our helpful tips for the summer months. 

Keep Things Closed as Much as Possible

While it may seem obvious, keeping curtains closed during the hottest part of the day can really make a difference. Do not worry, not all have to be closed if this idea makes you wary, but closing at least the side of the space that direct sunlight is usually shining on can make a big difference. 

A medium-colored drape can help make the space still feel open, even when the drapes are closed. Studies have show medium colors are the best to keep the heat away. 

Sheer, Light, and Natural

Sheer fabrics, light cotton, and natural linen curtain fabrics are great choice for summer. They can help a room feel light, cool, and comfortable. Natural fabrics are always great choice because they are known to help insulate windows from the heat while staying eco-friendly. 

Say Yes to Shades

They didn’t get their name for no reason! Shades are one of the easiest ways to keep a home cool during the summer months. Reversible shades with white on one side and a dark color on the other are some of the best shades to get when you have energy savings in mind. The white side can reflect the sun in the summer, and the dark absorbs the rays during the winter months. For the best results, make sure the shades are mounted as close to the glass as possible. This way, they are able to create a sealed space with the least amount of heat getting in. 

Some of the Best Kinds of Shades for Summer

Roman shades are a great option to choose because they can have multiple layers of fiber. This can both insulate and be an air barrier to combat the midday heat. These shades are known for their elegance and flair, but can still keep out some of the sun.

Roller shades also are a great for their ease of use and can let in a lot of natural light while blocking out radiation. While there are more insulating shades, these are popular in the summer because there are multiple types of material to choose from, and they can still bring in more light to a room while blocking out the sun. They also come in complete blackout blocking heat and cold as well reducing sound.

Solar Shades are made from a vinyl mesh material specifically made to block out light and heat. Most products will provide 1 to 15 percent light reduction.

They are perfect for reducing intense summer glare without getting rid of all natural light. They come in standard or reverse wall mounting, depending on the needs of the room. 

Natural Woven Shades + Liners are a Pair

Woven wood shades can be a perfect compliment to a summery mood. However, some may worry about their ability to not insulate heat as well. But do not fear! While woven wood shades don’t always offer the best insulation solo, their insulation abilities greatly increase when a liner is added. Liners usually come on the back of blinds and can either be attached or come with their own lift cord. A blackout liner is the best for heat because it offers added privacy and is ideal for blocking out light. 

The #1 Shade for Efficiency

In our book, there are no shades that can compare to the Duette Honeycomb Shades when it comes to efficiency. Their lightweight structure makes them easy to fold compactly when raised, while keeping them incredibly energy efficient. Their shading is duo tone, with the neutral tone facing the exterior and color facing the interior. The Honeycomb design enhances R value and shading co-efficiency. It has been shown to have 99% UV blocking and is GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low-emitting products. It’s no wonder they are so popular in healthcare and assisted-living facilities, government buildings, churches, and many large spaces. In any space where efficiency is key, they are highly recommended.

While the steps to finding great shades for summer may seem overwhelming at first, we hope these helpful tips will put your mind at ease. Even in rising temperatures, choosing the perfect window coverings make it possible to always keep a cool, comfortable, and energy-efficient home.