Some of the Best Ways to Keep Window Coverings Spotless

Routine care and cleaning is vital in maintaining the beauty of window coverings. Additionally, making sure the correct upkeep and cleaning methods are being used is essential. With all the different methods out there, it can be hard to separate the best methods apart and which methods are best for you specific coverings. However, have no fear! We are here to break down some of the best ways to take great care of your window coverings.

Cleaning Methods


Vacuuming is one of the most common and recommended ways to clean most window coverings. When using this method, make sure to use the soft brush attachment and all motions should be gentle. Roman shades, draperies, and fabric shades or blinds should be vacuumed with gentle, vertical strokes.



Most shades, sheers, shutters, and window panels should have regular light dusting of some kind. Dusting is especially important for wood shades of any kind.Wood shades can be dusted with a soft feather duster, dusting cloth, mitt, or even a spare sock can work when in a pinch.  Research a good quality furniture polish and add a small bit of it onto a dusting cloth or mitt to give it extra shine while dusting. When dusting any bamboo shades make sure you are extra gentle to the natural fibers.

Fabric shades can also be dusted, but do note that vacuuming is usually more popular and effective. If dusting is used with fabric shades, never use dusting mitts or light dimming fabric because both could damage the material.

Blow Dry

Using a blow-dryer another great way to get rid of spare patches of dust. A lot of covering owners fall on it when vacuuming or dusting cloths are not available. We support this method, but always remember to use a non-heat setting.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is sometimes necessary when a nasty stain appears that vacuuming and dusting just can’t get out. Always remember to use a slightly damp cloth and mild detergent or soap when spot cleaning fabric coverings. Do not rub any fabric; only dab lightly on the surfaces.

Spot cleaning with any liquid is not recommended for most wood coverings. However, when it is necessary, make sure to research the best types of wood soap and use a damp (not wet) dusting cloth. With woven wood is it especially tricky, but used a small amount of water and 2 TBPs of lemon oil a dusting cloth can any necessary spot cleaning go smoothly.

Removing Bugs

It can be hard to know the best way to get rid of pesky bugs in coverings. While the first instinct might be to remove any bugs with a stick or wand, it is better to gently blow them out with a can of compressed air or a hair dryer on the cool setting. This will help avoid any mess.

Professional Methods

Having a professional come in and help with cleaning is a great choice when a cleaning is very going to be very intensive or feels overwhelming. Below are the recommended services professionals provide.

Injection and extraction Cleaning

This method an in home treatment for fabric coverings. It involves injecting cleaning solution into the fabrics and extracting the dirty solution in the same motion.


Ultrasonic Cleaning

This cleaning is done when the product is fully immersed in a tank of cleaning solution and uses ultrasonic waves to agitate the fluid. The vibration from the waves removes any dirt on the covering. This method is not usually done as an in home treatment.

Video example of ultrasonic cleaning: