Curtains Perfect for Spring

Spring has sprung! The flowers are blooming, the sun is coming out of hiding, and many are starting their spring cleaning rituals. With cleaning in full swing and the knowledge that the summer months are quickly approaching, the desire to spruce up your household can also start to take hold. While a full renovation may not be in the cards every year the warm months approach, there’s always small touches that can help liven up spaces and make them more vibrant in the springtime.

New curtains are a perfect example of a small change this time of year. Transforming curtains, especially in the spring, can brighten up a room and perfectly compliment the fresh aesthetics of the season. We have listed some great springtime curtain options below.

Yes, floral draperies are an obvious classic in the springtime. However, they are a classic for a reason. The pattern can be subtle touch to accent new features in a room, or an attention grabbing piece that brings new flair to an old space.  They compliment the season outside the window, but also can be perfect for any season. Even in winter, florals (especially lighter colored florals) can combat the dark and dreary weather. Putting up florals in spring can be the start of a year long affair.

Sheer curtains are great for the spring months. They help brighten a room; bringing in as much light as possible. The later days and beautiful sunsets will be illuminated with sheer or a lighter curtain choice. If there are any fears of them being too see through, you can always choose a sheer with a pattern stitched or woven into the fabric. Lacey shear is also a good way to make a curtain less transparent and still bring in all of the beautiful spring light.

A nice sheer valance can help illuminate a room as well. Either paired with a drapery or without,  sheer valances are a great final touch. They help create more complexity to a flowy spring time sheer or add extra elegance to an open, curtain-less window. No matter what, they help highlight windows displaying all the beauty spring has to offer.