Valances vs Cornices

Figuring out what will enhance the top of your windows can be hard, and getting all the design lingo down can be even harder. It’s not easy, but we are here to clear up two of the most popular (and most often confused) window tops.   



A valance is a drapery panel that only sits on the top of windows. They offer a gentle design with fabric hanging freely from the top. They are considered a “softer” option compared to other treatments and come in a variety of styles. From a more casual flowing options to more traditional elegant draping, they can be the perfect addition to any design.



Cornices are also placed at the top of a window, but they are what many call a “hard-top” window treatment. Instead of the loose fabric in valances, cornices are constructed by upholstering a board. There is nothing hanging at the bottom, creating a protected and elegant look.