The Best Window Coverings for Children

There is no doubt children are going to go through a lot of transitions before they reach adulthood. Their favorite toy, activity, color, etc. are going to change from year to year (sometimes even month to month). While this growth and development is one of the most fascinating parts of parenthood, these changes can be hard to reflect in decorating a child’s room and your home. We’ve created this article to help parents narrow down their options when it comes to creating spaces that can reflect their vibrant children.

Safety First

Cordless and Motorized Shades

Above any aesthetics, a home should be safe for the children within it. The safest window coverings for young children are usually ones that do not have any cords close to the ground or are completely cordless. Luckily, there are many options that will make sure there are no cords that your children or pets can get tangled in. Some of the most popular cordless shades are honeycomb or Roman. You can find many easy and straightforward manual options for these shades to suit everyone’s needs.

In recent years, the motorized shade, another cordless option, has become extremely popular among parents and busy households. These shades can be opened and closed with a quick hit of a button and are perfect for the times when parents can’t reach for their shades. For busy parents, we understand sometimes even a remote button can be hard to push or find when there are children running around the house. Luckily, with the advancements in technology in the past few years, many motorized shade options have become even easier to use. Now many can be connected to a mobile device or a smart home and use voice command technology. Parents can now have their hands completely full and close their shades without any problem.

Avoid Floor Length Drapes

When considering coverings for nurseries or very young children, it is good to take length into account. Usually mid length drapes are best for this age range because they help avoid any grabbing or pulling of the drapes once the little ones have begun moving around the home themselves. The mid-length also will help make sure the drapes stay clean. There will be a lot less spills, tearing, or wiping of the nose and hands on mid length drapes. When children get past the toddler years, floor length drapes are definitely something to think about incorporating into the room. They can truly add a new layer to the room. We just recommend installing them after the first year and the “terrible twos” have passed.

Great Looks for Kids

Fun and Designs for a Changing Mind

While safety is always the most important part of raising children in your household, that doesn’t mean the décor isn’t a big part of what can make your house feel like a home. It’s inevitable that children are going to go through a lot of phases before they reach adulthood, and it can be hard to find designs that reflect these changes. There are no wrong approaches to this; some parents stick with a more standard and neutral color that will stay with the child for many years, and some want bright colors that will likely change as quickly as the child does. Luckily, either approach leaves the parent with many options. Cellular shades, roller shades, Romans, and many others kinds of drapes can come in all kinds of colors and fabrics. The options for patterns on these colors and fabrics are also extremely diverse. So, whether a parent wants to go with a standard color or wants to go all out to reflect their ever-changing child, they can be comforted knowing there are many options out there for them.

Darkening and Blackout Shades

We have talked about how amazing darkening and blackout shades can be for insulation and for blocking out the sun in other articles, but one benefit we that haven’t focused on is how great they are for nurseries and young children. Many new parents are accustomed to sleepless nights with their newborns, but have found their nights suddenly feature more sleep after installing blackout shades. It helps newborns have fewer interruptions when the sun begins to rise and toddlers focus on naptime when there is not midday light flowing into their room. Many pre-school teachers have found them useful during scheduled naptimes and invest in them if they have children in their households.

Durability is Key

Invest in Something that Will Last

Beyond styles and patterns, you want to make sure that you can have coverings that are durable. They must be able to hold up against the possibility of wear and tear. We highly recommend investing in high quality coverings that will stand the test of time and will be present in many years of your child’s upbringing.

All in all, we know there can be a lot to think about when there are children in the home. We hope that this article helps parents navigate designing their homes to fit their children’s needs and understand how the perfect window coverings can help a house feel more like home.