The Best Window Coverings for Every Room

1.) Bedroom

In a bedroom, you’re most likely looking for something that will completely block out the light (there’s nothing worse than the morning sun waking you up on a lazy Saturday!). There are several options for this. Blackout curtains and draperies are a great solution, and with both coming in a variety of fabrics and colors, you’re sure to find something that will suit your space.

Blackout shades are another option. A plus to these shades is that they can be motorized, meaning you could open your shades in the morning with the touch of a remote! If you don’t like the look of these shades on their own, they can easily be layered underneath curtains.


2.) Kid’s room

Again, curtains and draperies are a great way to go. These can be found in any color or pattern you or your little one might want, and you can also find ones with the same blackout capabilities. Draperies add a touch more elegance than curtains, but curtains can be found in a wider variety of patterns that might be more at home in a child’s room.

For younger children, cordless coverings such as honeycomb, roller, or Roman shades are a safe option. They’ll be easy to open for mom and dad, will filter or block the sun (depending on the style and fabric chosen), and the lack of cords or excess fabric will ensure your child’s safety.


3.) Living room

Depending on your living room, any style of window covering might work. Solar shades are a great option if your living room houses a TV, as these shades will reduce glare on the screen but are still sheer enough to let in some light.

Other types of shades, such as Roman or woven wood, are great for filtering in just enough light in the daytime. Romans look beautiful when pulled up or pulled down, and woven woods add a natural, earthy element to a room.

If your living room has a more formal feel, draperies are a great choice, and curtains are versatile enough to look great in either a casual or elegant setting. These can be customized to fit right in with your living room’s color scheme and style.

4.) Dining room

For a dining room, a more formal choice, such as draperies, may look best. The length and pleats at the top add class to these coverings. To really dress things up, a cornice or valance on the top is sure to create an elegant window.

A more casual dining room could benefit from some beautiful shades. Woven woods look beautiful in rooms such as these, especially when layered underneath sheer curtains to add a pop of color.


5.) Kitchen

In the kitchen, long draperies look out of place. Instead, opt for a more practical choice. Roman shades can really make your kitchen window pop, and even when rolled up, they will still show off whatever fun pattern or color you might pick. They’re easy to lift up with the pull of a cord, making it easy to let in the light or keep it out.


6.) Bathroom

The bathroom is another room where long draperies or curtains aren’t the best options. Shades are a better alternative, as they’ll maintain privacy while still letting in the light. Try woven woods for a natural feel, roller shades for an easy open and close, or Roman shades if you’re looking for something more brightly colored or patterned.


7.) Office

Solar shades have a glare reducing technology that makes them a perfect choice for working on the computer in a home office. They’re also sheer enough that you’ll be still be able to see outside when they’re in use, so you can stare out the window for a few minutes when you need a break. Woven woods are also an elegant choice for an office.


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