5 Things to Consider when Choosing Curtains or Drapes for Your Home

The right curtains can make a room, but with so many options to consider, you might feel lost on where to begin. Here are 5 key things to consider as you embark on your window covering journey, illustrated by some of the styles Curtains 2 Enhance has done over the years.

1.) Pattern

Do you want single tone curtains, or a fun pattern? Look at your space before making this decision. In a room dominated by solid colors, a fun pattern on your window coverings adds some flair.


Solid drapes with edge trim accent can also a great choice if you’re looking for something more subdued that won’t dominate other aspects of your space. These bright blue solid drapes are a perfect example of this – note how the two colors compliment the patterned wallpaper.

2.) Color

The right curtain or drapery can really tie together your room’s color scheme. Matching your window coverings to pieces already in your room, like these orange chairs and brightly colored curtains, can create a sense of unity that makes your space feel thought out and well designed.


Another fun option is choosing a statement tone that will compliment the colors in your room without directly matching them, like these beautiful patterned green curtains.


3.) Fabric

Are you looking for something that will filter the light, or completely block it out? This is an important distinction to make when choosing fabrics. The answer might lie in the room you’re decorating – in a bedroom, you’re probably looking for a thicker fabric to keep out the morning rays.

In a living room or kitchen, however, you might want a softer fabric that will let in some sun.

4.) Length

Longer curtains create a more formal and romantic look for your room. These can either graze or pool at the floor, creating a sense of elegance in your space.


Shorter curtains are also a great choice, and can be a more practical option in spaces such as a kitchen. Curtains such as these can fall to the window sill, or graze the bottom of your window trim, such as these.

5.) Off the Shelf or Custom Coverings

Store bought curtains are great for a budget, but custom window coverings offer many advantages. These curtains can be perfectly tailored for you space: the length, color, pattern, and fabric will meet your exact needs, and you’ll be presented with endless options for each. Choosing someone to custom design your curtains also means you’ll have someone by your side throughout every step of the process, leaving you with curtains that you’ll love for years to come.

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