What Custom Window Coverings Cost in the SF Bay Area

When considering new window treatments, your budget is one of the first things to look at. Curtains2Enhance understands this is an important part of the process, and wants to help make this step as easy as possible with this article. We’ve broken down pricing information specific to the San Francisco Bay Area to help our interested clients understand what options are best for them.

Things to Consider

1. Durability and Quality Curtains2Enchance always prides itself on the quality of every treatment we do. Investing in higher-quality window treatments like we offer means ensuring you are committing to a something within your home that you can enjoy within your home for years to come. The minimum for high quality window treatments in the Bay Area is $800 -$1000. While a large price tag at first, choosing a high quality option will save you money in the long run. These treatments can last roughly 20 years, where most low quality treatments will need to be replaced in 6 months.

2. Whole Home? When budgeting, it can be hard to decide on doing the full house at once or going room by room. As we said before, we always recommend quality over quantity. If upgrading the full home all at once is out of the price range, we recommend upgrading your windows with us one by one, instead of going with a low-quality option throughout your home that does not stand the test of time.

3. Features and Aesthetics Are you looking for a classic roman shade, or a new high tech motorized UV-black out shade? These are important factors to consider when picking your treatments. How you want to utilize your treatments in your home can change the pricing of your treatments. Luckily, Curtains2Enhance offers a wide range of window treatments and can help you through the process of choosing the best outcome for your criteria. 

Basic Costs

Average cost for new window treatments in the SF bay area is $600 per window, with the typical range between $600-$1050+

• Custom Draperies – Costs vary dramatically based on your chosen materials , styles and motorization costing anywhere from $3,500 – 10,000+

• Custom shades – custom shades can include: roman shades, roller shades, woven-wood, shades with motorized features, and many more. Custom option are great for unique window, that can be fitted perfect to the space. These prices can range from $800 to $8000 per window.