Curtains2Enhance Maintenance and Warranty FAQ’s

 At Curtain2Enhance, we often receive questions about maintenance and the various warranties on different window coverings At Curtains2Enhance, we like to think of window coverings maintenance in a similar manner to necessary maintenance on a car or any other beloved item that we want to have in the best condition for as many years as possible. With this sort of mindset, we expect some of our clients to need maintenance on installments as time passes. We hope this page can give our clients insight on what to expect with their window coverings, their warranties, and their maintenance.

What is the warranty on Curtains2Enhance shades?

We have a one-year warranty. This includes any take down and shipping costs.

What happens if I need maintenance, or want to ship my window coverings after this first year?

After this first year, the owner is responsible for any costs regarding maintenance, take downs and shipping.

What are the warranties on various brands you install?

Horizon Shades

Horizon Shades, one of our most popular brands, has a limited lifetime warranty on most products. This means, any defects in materials, workmanship, or failures to operate for the length of time originally promised are covered in the warranty.

This limited lifetime warranty does not include normal wear and tear that is inevitable with all fabrics and shades over time. This means things like: the natural loss of color intensity, pull cords beginning to wear out over years of usage, and damage due accidents/not following proper maintenance guidelines.

Curtains2Enhance can help with any Horizon Shade maintenance included or not included in the warranty. Any maintenance that is not covered with the limited lifetime warranty begins at a $125 minimum.

Horizon Clutches and Motorized Shades

Horizon clutches and motorized shades have more specific promises on how long their products will last with their original parts. With both of these products, you can expect a five-year lifespan. Motorized shades are promised to work with their original parts for these five years.

Natural Fibers

Natural fibers do not have warranties. However, from Janet Hamilton’s 28+ years of experience, she tells clients they can expect their natural fibers and woven woods to last roughly 10-plus years as long as they are not exposed directly to water (Rain or sprinklers)

Hunter Douglas

Like Horizon Shades, Hunter Douglas has a limited lifetime warranty on most products and follows the same guidelines. Any defects, workmanship errors, and failures to operate as promised are covered. Any typical wear and tear over the years is not.

Just like Horizon Shade products, Curtains2Enhance can help with maintenance on Hunter Douglas installments. The maintenance cost for anything that is not covered by the limited lifetime warranty, starts at $125.

Hunter Douglas Operational Cords and Motorized Shades

Operational cords and motorized shades have specific warranties and lifetimes promised. Operational cords are covered by a limited lifetime warranty for 7 years from the date of purchase and motorized shades are promised to operate optimally for 5 years from original purchase.

What Maintenance and Possible Wear and Tear Can I Expect From Installments?

With the detail and care we deliver to our clients, we expect all installments to have the longest life possible. Still, it is expected that installments will need to be maintained for longevity. We’ve listed below what to expect with some of our installments.

Roman Shades

Over the years, the cords on roman shades will begin to jam up and sometimes rings on the shades will begin to detach. Luckily, because the strings are manufactured with nylon, they generally do not break.


Draperies are the easiest to care for and do not break down, but they will need attention in order to keep their original radiance for many years. We recommend treating them like upholstery, giving them regular cleanings to keep them looking their best.

Draperies should be cleaned with a soft vacuum brush or taken to professional dry cleaners. Unlined natural fibers & silk drapes will become sun damaged.

This is something to consider if you are thinking of having unlined drapes in a room that gets lots of sunlight.

Synthetics fibers will usually last 20 years as unlined

Drapery Hardware

Drapery hardware needs to be treated with dry silicone or waxed at least once a year in order for the rings to keep their mobility and help tracks glide.

Curtains2Enhance want customers to enjoy their installments for as long as possible. We hope this helps clear up some of the maintenance and warranty basics. For more in depth questions, please know you can always contact us.